Support Your Local Brewer

Now with growth of the brewing industry at historic highs we begin to worry, will it end? With the number reaching 160 breweries in the state of Texas a number that changes daily. How many is too many? How do you market that many breweries?
Instagram, Facebook, G+, Tumblr are great tools. When I hear a new brewery has opened or a new seasonal has hit the shelves. My first thought is, “Is it from Texas?”
With the growing number of breweries in the state what is the impact on resources? Malt for instance. There is only one maltster in the state of Texas. Until recently there was little to no malt cereal grains grown in the state of Texas. The cost of ingredients coming from out-of-state drives up the cost of the beer on the shelf. Local farmers growing cereal grains and local maltsters have an opportunity to create a local, self-sustainable foundation for the brewing industry.
Blackland Malt There are local growers producing for local brewers, malts for the first time in Texas history.
In the United States alone there are over 4000 breweries. That is an historic high reaching as far back as the 1800’s. Many of those are seeking national distribution. But, is that where the money is? Big brewers are there waiting with deep pockets and patience.
For a brewery to be successful you must conquer home. Texas is huge though the struggle is to get beer to those major cities.




Support your local businesses.



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