Zomer Pils

Zomer (summer) a 4.8 abv  34 ibu pilsner that is devastatingly good .This summer seasonal from Lakewood Brewing  in Garland Texas will help you beat the heat. It is 102° this 22nd day of July here in the great state of Texas.  Where even the most sun loving are looking shade. I swear if there was horn toad here he would panting in the shade and asking for something good to drink. 

Lakewood Brewing was founded in 2011. Delivering their first beers in 2012. Lakewood has made a name for itself brewing European inspired beer, Specifically Belgian. Belgium beer in Texas.  Belgium where beer has been brewed since the first crusades in the 12th century. Right!!
Though not only Belgian inspired beer but great beer in general. Lakewood has a unique line up of beer for all drinkers.

This fits in with the great mix of culture that has become of Dallas and it’s suburbs . It arts districts and nightlife blend well with new and bold beers being brewed by today’s breweries.

Here by the pool with a cooler full of ice and Zomer Pils. This Belgian pilsner is light and refreshing. Almost remeniscent of your big brewing companies. Only this one packs a handful of flavor. Mild bitterness from the noble hops give the beer a pallet cleansing punch . Without any harshness or lingering aftertaste.  The beer opened a bit after it warmed a bit out of the ice. Letting the hop flavors shine through . 

Lakewood Brewing Company

Drink fast don’t let it skunk in the direct sunlight.  It will happen fast with this heat.  This beer will pair well with some BBQ or even some spicey Tex-Mex.  

For whichever neighborhood you call home.

So if your by the pool all oiled up and baking in the sun enjoy the Zomer .

 This neighborhood I call home .



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