Franconia Kristallweizen

Franconia Kristallweizen an authentic German style beer. M


Literally “crystal wheat.” A Kristallweizen is a filtered pale Weissbier or Hefeweizen, the German wheat ale. It pours “crystal”-clear rather than yeast-turbid. In all other respects, it is not different from an unfiltered wheat beer. It is spritzy-effervescent and refreshing and appealing to the eye. Like its Hefeweizen counterpart, Kristallweizen develops a richly-textured, firm, white head in the glass. Several Weissbier breweries export their Kristallweizen along with their Hefeweizen to the United States.

My go to beer from Franconia is of course the German style wheat. I style I truly enjoy especially during hot days. The hefeweizen is crisp and refreshing.  The ABV would range from 4.0% to 7.0 % . The lower end of the abv scale makes it more a session beer and easy to drink on those hot days. 

The Kristallweizen is also on the lower end of the bittering scale giving a nice clean finish. Another great beer from Franconia Brewing.


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