Fall has always been my favorite season.  The cooler weather,  leaves turning color and eventually falling and ensuing winter. Meteorological fall begins September 1st. For me the waiting is the hardest part. 

Earlier this year I started brewing again. A hobby I put off for the longest time, a hobby that that occupies my mind while I work. When I brew I am able to shut down and let the process happen.  The cleaning, crushing the grains, boiling,  chilling, and adding the yeast.  

It’s all for the love of beer. 

My go to beers are :



Blonde Ale

Pale Ale

Pretty straight forward easy to get beers, but all with a wide range of interpretations . Every Brewer has their own interpretation of these classic styles. This is my interpretation of an Oktoberfest.  

The ingredients : 3# Muntons Amber malt extract, 2# Muntons Light DME, 1# Melanoiden  malt, 2 Oz.  Hallertau Mittlefruh hops.

I feel really good about the finished product. My process was good and clean. I was able to chill my wort to 60° F and maintain a low temperature.  After primary fermentation I kegged and it has sat in the keg for the last five months. 

Patience is not my great virtue.


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