Lions Share IV

Lakewood Brewing 

Lions Share IV

Weighing in with over 12 % ABV  and a moderate 39 IBU. This Belgian Quad is to die for. This Belgian Quad is inspired by the Trappist breweries and has been brewed true to style. 

Lions Share IV aged in brandy barrels for over four months. It is brewed with rich specialty malts, Belgian candi sugars, and Belgian yeast. 

Aging Lions Share in brandy barrels delivers fruity wine like aromas and flavors. In the glass first appearance is dark reddish copper with a thin creamy head.  Those flavors come through at first taste. The rich malty back bone and residual sweetness are decadent to say the least. 

39 IBU’s  is just enough bitterness to keep it from being overly sweet. 

Enjoy with a friend or someone you love. This beer is inspiring and made to savor over a decadent night out. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. had this the other night!
    it was so good!


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