German Style Alt

German Style Alt.
Today while sitting enjoying some quiet time. With dinner I’m having a beer. specifically  German Style Alt or Altbier .  A beer style that originated in Düsseldorf as a brown ale . Düsseldorf is located is western Germany . Generally known for its fashion industry and art scene. 

This beer a more locale easily attainable beer from Denton, Texas Audacity Brewing .  This beer brewed using a traditional German yeast.

German Style Alt

Alt meaning old in German is conditioned for long periods of time. The affect of aging this has on beer is a mellowing or smoothing out of flavors. The color range is from amber to dark brown and an ABV Range  from 4% to 7%. 

The result is a medium bodied beer that holds a light tan head. Full flavored with medium carbonation . best served at a temperature between 44° F to 48°  F. 

The pour is nice  and clear with a reddish to brown color . The head was light tan that lingered and clung to the sides of the glass. This one is well carbonated .  My first taste was of a nice clean malty beer. Low hop aroma and no off aromas from fermentation. It’s finish was earthy and fruity. 

I enjoyed my selection paired with a  grilled hamburger with soft ripe brie . The vegetable was a grilled squash. Overall the beer held its own and paired well with the meal .  I have enjoyed several of Audacity’s beers . This one is very straight forward style wise. 

I hope to enjoy many more from this brewery. I hope many more people will enjoy this brewerys beer for years to come. 


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