That BA Christmas Bomb release 

Nothing like cold beer on a cold rainy day. Love this blog from the beerded lady.

The Beerded Lady

I could barely sleep that Friday night before the BA Christmas Bomb release. I snuggled with my dogs, cocooned myself in my comforter, and set my alarm for 3:50 am THREE FIFTY AM!!! Am I crazy! Some would say YES and I would agree I am definitely crazy for beer. I headed up 75 to meet up with the crew of boys, one of them being my driver; ha you thought I was going to drive this trip, NOPE! We finally made it to a tiny ass town called Krebs in Oklahoma. We pulled up to a parking lot, side lot, and grassy area full of people. We had barely put the car in park as we swung our doors open and grabbed our chairs to run to the end of the line. We finally hit the concrete and claimed our spot as we slammed down our chairs. The nerves…

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