Lakewood Temptress

I think to this date I have had Lakewood Temptress Stout in three different versions. All created with great imagination and thought. Through the holidays I worked my way through yet another. Happy Valentines 2016 from Lakewood. This one brewed with raspberries , vanilla and lactose sugar. Lactose sugar being unfermentable adds body to the finished product. The difference being drinking something thin, light and effervescent and something that has a lot of mouthfeel, chewy, filling.  The vanilla, raspberries combined with the dark roasted malts remeniscent of chocolate covered raspberries.

A lot of people will say they don`t like dark beer because they are to heavy. I will admit there is a time to drink an imperial stout and a time not to. Like rightnow because I am typing but a good imperial stout can be enjoyed any time you like………..WITHIN REASON it is over 9% alcohol by volume. So a 22 ouce bomber is a lot of beer.

Imperial Milk Stout brewed with raspberries and vanilla

We enjoyed this hearty beer after a dinnerof prime rib roast out in the cool night air by a warm fire. a perfect ending to a wonderfull nigh


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