Hidden Shores Brewing 

So this January 15th 2017 I decided to make the best of a cold rainy day. With new burner and clean equipment to the patio we go. Today for the brew schedule is a wheat beer .Nothing fancy a grain bill made up of what I had on hand.   We are doing and extract brew with a partial mash. The ingredients will be simple.

Grain Bill

3.2 #’s Weyerman pilsner 

3 #’s  extra light dry malt extract

3 #’s wheat malt dry Malt extract

1 # honey

1 oz. East Kent Golding hops 60 minutes 
1 oz. East Kent Golding  hops at 5 minutes 

Saf Ale US 05 yeast

2 fermenters

For water we will use 7 gallons of filtered water from h2o to go.   I have been a homebrewer now for over five years.  I never really made a big fuss over water chemistry but, I have always used filtered water . If not filtered water then reverse osmosis water . My process to me has always seemed a little haphazard but , my cleaning  and sanitation always done well. 

I have recently begun upgrades to my brew equipment.  Last near new began with replacing  fermenters. No more buckets I like the idea of conical fermenters.  The fast ferment conical fermenter is sleek easy to clean . This year my upgrade is a new burner from 

                                         Anvil Brewing Equipment

Another slight upgrade was a three gallon conical fermenter.  

Brew Demon Conical Fermenter



Brewing in a bag and brewing with extracts saves me time and money . After cleaning house and removing old equipment one of my needs is a new mash tun . Soon I would like to incorporate a brew rig in with a patio cook station. That is a project for the new year. 

The brew day was uneventful and went as planned . With needed repairs and cleaning  completed  on worth chiller , I chilled from boiling to 70 degrees in about fifteen minutes . 

Thank you cold weather!!

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