Rabbit Hole Brewing 

Rabbit Hole Brewing is right here in the great state of Texas.  In fact located in Justin Texas and currently kicking out some great beer. Rabbit Hole delivered it’s first keg in 2013 thus beginning what I believe to be a very successful long career as a brewery. Anderson, Laron Cheek and, Matt Morriss began as Homebrewers and in fact winning more than 100 home brewing awards. 

As a beer drinker I choose to focus on local beer and breweries. I more than likely will drink what is available right on the shelf . The facts will speak for themselves, if a brewery can expertly produce great examples of beer brewed according to style. I really enjoy a pilsner or stout brewed to style. 

There is always room for experimentation and creativity. Hole Lang Syne is a great beer. A Belgian Strong Ale limited release.  At 10.5 % ABV this Belgian a great representation of a classic style , but with a twist. The addition of blueberries and raspberries compliment the smooth malt backbone along with the subtle noble hop character.   This beer was enjoyed this New Years Eve 2017 . Enjoyed with family hoping to create more loyal beer drinkers, 

It pours nice and clear with a light copper color. Effervescent with a white head. The aroma was strong with blueberries and raspberries. At first taste the beer was medium bodied and lightly hopped. At 32 IBU’S  very pleasant and easy to drink. The alcohol warmth followed closely by the subtle blueberry raspberry flavor.  A lovely beer all around.


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