The spirit of a Pale Horse

America has always been a culture of free spirits. Who else but a free spirit would cross an ocean to escape tyranny and social injustice? When those first people came here they brought with them changes and the spirit to change. 

Thousands of years, beer has been a staple of the working man. A meal in a glass as man cannot live by bread alone. 

The pale ale appeared in 1642. These were first brewed with malts that had been dry roasted.   The process was not accurate so the beer changed as the malting process evolved. As the malting process evolved brewers and maltsters can now create specialty malts with accuracy. These malts that add color now referred to as specialty malts.

Specialty malts run the gammut of flavors and colors by adding mouthful feel, color, and  sweetness. Modern day maltsters have succeeded in delivering a product to a brewers needs. This enables the brewer to design a beer specifically to style.

These malts now come in a wide range of colors measured by degrees of lovibond, a scale developed in the late 1800’s. The Pale Ales’ color has changed through the years as the use of specialty malts make the process easier to achieve. The pale ale moniker was not applied to the beer until 1703. 

The scale that we use today to measure color is an Standard Reference Method (SRM). A Pale ale according to the Beer Judge Certification Program the color range would be from 5 – 14.

SRM Scale

This is a wide range of colors and gives a lot of room for the  free spirit of the brewer. The American Pale Ale came to prominence in the 1980’s . This style is a must in the brewing world today. A beer that is approachable, easy to drink, has lots of flavor . Many breweries have made a name for themselves with this beer. 

This Pale Horse from No Label Brewing Company is a good example of an American Pale Ale. A deep copper in the glass with a creamy white head. A rich very satisfying beer. At around 5% ABV you can have a few of these and be able to maintain a conversation throughout the night.  Beers of this style are often referred to as session beers. 

No Label Brewing Company in Katy Texas recent to the brewing world.  Brewing true to style beers as well as experimental beers true to Texas style . 

No Label Brewing Company 


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